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Paul Lesinski

guitar, vocals

Paul 1985

Paul Lesinski dreamed of living a life of music after seeing KISS on the Paul Lynde Halloween special in 3rd grade. After logging time in high school and college bands with names like Dry Heave, Osiris, Nimoy, Dark's Ensemble and Fred, Paul finally went pro, logging six years, three albums, more than 900 shows in 17 states and numerous unconsummated label offers with nationally-touring groove-rockers The Strangers. After burning out on the road, Paul settled into the Northwest music scene, fronting Eugene, Oregon-based Isor Wallobee and doing annual gigs with The Floydian Slips, a Pink Floyd tribute band, before hooking up with Portland's colorfield on the recommendation of ex-Stranger Bart Ferguson. Recent highlights include a December 2005 Floydian Slips show in Eugene to a sold out house of 1,200 Floyd fans, and the 2005 release of colorfield's eponymous CD. For more information, see www.colorfieldmusic.com. Paul now lives in Portland Oregon, and is in the high-tech public relations industry.


Paul 2005


"She says 'wait...you've got to cut your hair.' This isn't me. What a price. This is terribly unfair."




Kevin Brown


Kevin 1985

Kevin started drumming at age 10, and got his first Rush album at age 12. For the neighborhood families (and his own), this kicked off a rather challenging era. One of his parents' neighbors testified, however, that Kevin's crazed drumming in 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures served as a rather exotic soundtrack for daily aerobics. Unlike Paul and Luce, Kevin never realized his rock & roll dreams, but he never stopped drumming either. In fact, his UC Berkeley grad school band, The Unemployables, stuck together for a number of years and laid down some rather inspired demo tracks. Kevin also performed as part of Inktomi's company band -- Port 80 -- which played to packed shows at COMDEX '99 and the Great American Music Hall. Kevin's key musical influences include Neil Peart (Rush), Stewart Copeland (Police), and Danny Carey (Tool). On the side, Kevin spends a fair amount of time building encryption devices (decru) to foil hackers and foreign spies.

Kevin 2005


Tom Luce


Tom 1985

Tom began singing and playing guitar as a teenager and was influenced by bands such as U2, Squeeze, and The Frogs.  He attended college in North Carolina and returned home to the Bay Area in 1996 to spend time with his father.  He recorded the Luce record with friend and producer Adam Rossi and assembled the current members of Luce in the summer of 2000.  He spends his time writing and recording music, and drinking lots of coffee.

Tom 2005


Eric Johnson


Eric 1985

Eric, aka 'Psycho', is probably the most musically schooled of the five. After Osiris, and a brief sting with the band Fred, Eric joined the Bay Area pop-rock group Aztecs in Manhattan. In the late 80s and early 90s he had a good professional run for six years before taking a break from music -- until recently. He is currently a general contractor in the South Bay.

Eric 2006


Tom Gutierrez


Tom 1985

Musically, during the post Osiris days of the late 80s and mid-90s, Tom received a minor in music at San Jose State University and performed in many bands and ensembles. The band names changed nearly daily (as is typical) but a few to remember include: ARVK, Golden Dawn, Nimoy, Fred, Dark's Ensemble, The Strangers, The Weasles, The Irod Project, and The World Music Ensemble.  Since moving to Berkeley in 2002, he’s been doing quite a bit of solo home recording, collaborating with his brother Leo Gutierrez on his recent 3D animation projects Eggboy and The Oomancer and Tongue of Fiz, and taking opera lessons. Tom received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of California at Davis and is currently working as a postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

Tom 2005



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