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Illud Cetus Advenit  

A Manager's Tale

Near the grassy knoll on that fateful day


Arranging photo shoots, advertising, marketing the band for events, giving input on play lists, booking venues, doing the accounting, selling tickets at the front door, and anything else that let’s musicians focus on the music -- that’s the job description of a high school rock and roll band manager.  

Everyone took their commitment to the band and producing quality music very seriously.  It first started out as a fun thing to do. But after the band made a little money playing a gig in Redwood City and then playing to an enthusiastic audience at a Saint Francis event, it made everyone think, "what happens to Osiris after high school?" 

As you know, all of the musicians in Osiris continue to play music, some of them professionally.  The reunion of the band at Saint Francis’s Class of 1986 reunion could be the first stop on Osiris’s comeback tour. 

CAH, 2006


Are you planning an event?  Osiris is available for weddings, religious celebrations, corporate events, and 80’s revival parties.

Craig Hart is an attorney living on the East Coast.  You can reach him for bookings at craig.anthony.hart@gmail.com